Intimoplasty for men

Intimoplasty for men

Intimoplasty for menhas gained great popularity recently and is now an independent branch of genital plastic surgery or genital surgery.

Who Performs Intimate Plastic Surgery For Men?

Intimoplasty for menPerformed by andrologists and gynecologists who specialize in plastic surgery of the genitals. With the development of intimoplasty for women, there was a need for men to perform aesthetic surgery on the genitals. When men come to a plastic surgeon, for example, they want to have a blepharoplasty and penis lengthening at the same time, or to remove a gynecomastia and enlarge the glans of the penis.Intimoplasty for menin Moscow it is not represented in all plastic surgery clinics.

What is in male genitalia?

Penis lengthening / penis lengthening

Penis enlargement- consists of a surgical stage (ligamentotomy) and traction of the penis with an extender. The most common intimate plastic surgery method for men. This method of intimate plastic surgery for men exists, it is safe, does not cause complications and can be used both on men with a very small penis (under 7 cm when erect) and on men with physiologically normal penis sizes (12-18 cm when erect)) to enlarge the penis. Using an extender without surgery has no effect. Patients often come to us with their extender for surgical penis enlargement. Previously, using the extender on its own without a ligamentotomy had no effect. Even an operation without an extender remains ineffective, the penis is drawn in over time and the initial effect disappears. In order to consolidate and develop the effect, an extender must therefore be used.

Most patients are satisfied with the results of penis lengthening surgery with an extender. The penis increases not only in length but also in thickness, which makes this technique of intimate plastic surgery of the penis universal for penis enlargement.

Thickening of the penis

Thickening of the penis- one of the most popular operations in male intimate surgery. The aim of the operation is to increase the diameter of the penis shaft.

The thickening of the penis with a collagen matrix consists in attaching a collagen matrix in the form of a cylinder with a cutout at the location of the urethra on the penis shaft. The nozzle wall thickness is 3-4 mm. The essence of the matrix installation is that they start the process of the formation of connective tissue by themselves. The matrix dissolves within 3-6 months and its own tissue is formed in its place. The effect of matrices is individual and can be different. The postoperative period is 2-3 months. Sexual intercourse is limited until the matrix is completely absorbed. In modern clinics, this technique is the most important for enlarging (thickening) the penis.

Enlargement of the glans

Enlargement of the glanscurrently only possible with hyaluronic acid gel.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance for the human body that is partially absorbed but does not show any rejection reactions to it.

The enlargement of the glans can be combined and carried out at the same time as the enlargement of the penis. If the glans penis is enlarged separately with hyaluronic acid gel, then under local anesthesia, if in combination with a penis enlargement, then under general anesthesia. The enlargement of the glans with hyaluronic acid gel has a long-lasting effect.

Installation of clitoral balls

Clitoral ballsIs a method of locally thickening the penis to please the partner. Balls in the penis are installed under the skin of the penis along the back and side surfaces.

Indications for the installation of clitoral balls in the penis is the patient's desire. During the consultation, the patient and doctor agree on the number of clitoral balls and the procedure for their introduction into the penis. There are no branded balls to insert into the penis, companies that make silicone prostheses do not make them. All penis balls are handmade from plexiglass. In the clinic, pearl clitoral balls with a diameter of 8-9 mm are placed under the skin of the penis, the final diameter after installation is 10 mm. The installation of balls in the penis is related to male intimplasty because it allows you to thicken the local areas of the penis.

Testicular prosthetics

Testicular prosthetics- an operation to install a testicular prosthesis in the scrotum, it can be unilateral or bilateral. When choosing a testicular prosthesis, the dimensions of the obtained testicle are measured and a prosthesis of a similar size is selected. In terms of consistency and feel, the prosthesis resembles a testicle. When prosthetics of both testicles, the physiological size is selected taking into account the patient's opinion. Testicular prostheses are performed no earlier than 3 months after the testicle has been removed.

Curvature of the penis

Curvature of the penis- a disease accompanied by a curvature of the penis when erect, causing painful sensations and making sexual intercourse difficult. The causes of the curvature of the penis in the lesion of the tunica albuginea of the erectile tissue. To correct the curvature of the penis, various types of surgery are performed on the plastic of the tunica albuginea. Surgical treatment will straighten the penis.

Penile prosthetics

Penile prosthetics- Installation of plastic or hydraulic cylinders in the erectile tissue of the penis, which generate sufficient tension on the penis for sexual intercourse (artificial erection). In this case, the erectile tissue is completely destroyed. Penile prosthesis is a radical, irreversible way to restore erectile function and continue sexual activity. Penile prostheses are used for severe erectile tissue fibrosis, vascular and venous erectile dysfunction when other treatments are already working. Penile prostheses can be used in conjunction with erectile dysfunction when the penis is curved. Penile prostheses can increase the volume and length of the erectile tissue and thus the size of the penis.

Where To Do Intimate Plastic Surgery For Men

These methodsIntimplastic surgery for menare used in a professional clinic that has had sufficient experience of performing operations on male genitalia. You can perform all types of intimate plastic surgery on men in a professional clinic that specializes in this.