How To Enlarge Your Penis For A Teenage Boy: Penis Enlargement

A boy aged 10-15 is already a man, if not fully trained. But during this time, teenagers begin to think about the size of their penis and worry about whether everything is fine and whether the size of the penis is normal.

Parents and adolescents need to understand the physiological development of boys in order to know how long the penis should be at the age of 15-17, so that deviations from the norm can be detected in a timely manner and the necessary measures can be taken. After all, the size of the penis is an important part of any man's intimate life.

In view of this, it is necessary to find out how the penis grows during puberty, in order to find out what to do in the event of deviations from the normal indicators. In addition, such an aspect as adolescent penis enlargement is worth considering and what is the risk?

How do young people develop?

Teenagers looking to enlarge their penis

Puberty begins at different times for all boys, this situation depends on the individual characteristics of the adolescent. On average, puberty occurs between the ages of 10-15. However, delays in sexual development associated with the boy's characteristics are possible in a number of situations.

In other cases, however, the delay may signal a hormonal imbalance, which has caused the amount of the male hormone in the body to decrease. In this case, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor for an examination.

Since it is the amount of the male hormone that directly affects the growth and development of the genitals, the following changes occur during puberty:

  1. The teen's voice gets deeper and harder.
  2. The genitals grow and develop.
  3. A skeleton is formed according to the male type, the boy "transforms" into a man.
  4. Hair appears on the face, in the groin area.

In the absence of at least one of these signs, a deviation from the norm can be noted, which will require certain treatment. If the penis doesn't grow, the doctor may recommend hormone therapy to normalize full levels of the male hormone in the body.

Penis size by age of adolescents:

  • The size of the penis at the age of 12-13 years during an erection is 10-13 centimeters, when at rest it is 6-7 centimeters.
  • The size of the penis at the age of 15 varies between 13 and 15 cm in an erect state and between 7 and 9 cm in a relaxed position.
  • A member aged 16-17 years is about 16-18 cm when erect, and between 8 and 7 cm when at rest.

If puberty proceeds normally, active growth of the penis occurs between the ages of 16-17. By the age of 18, the size of the penis can change or even decrease slightly as the penis becomes thicker.

In medical practice, there were cases when the genital organ grew up to 20-22 years, but such situations are quite rare, the size changed only slightly.

Why do teenagers want to enlarge their penis?

The girl estimates the size of the man's penis

It's no secret that in today's high-tech world, even any teenager can see all the information. Of course, pornographic films are of the greatest interest in adolescence.

The boy, having seen enough of the actors with impressive parameters, begins to have complexes, believes he has a small reproductive organ, and seeks ways to solve this problem.

It is worth noting that during sexual development, the penis is actively growing, and if you take steps to enlarge it, you can even slow down the growth of the penis. The real question arises, how can you explain to a teenager why it is impossible to enlarge the penis?

  1. First, the boy must be provided with medical height information to prove that everything is normal and there are no abnormalities.
  2. Second, it must be explained that the size of the penis is an individual physiological characteristic, and each man's penis has its own anatomical shape and parameters.
  3. Third, talk about the factors that actually affect the genitals.

A number of factors have long been known to affect the growth and development of the penis. The most common are distinguished:

  • The amount of male hormone in the body during puberty.
  • The level of hormones in the mother's body during pregnancy.
  • Chronic diseases, endocrine disorders.
  • The quality of the food, the environment.
  • Inheritance.

It has been proven that testosterone directly affects penis size. If there was a hormonal disorder in the body during puberty, as a result of which there was a deficiency in male hormone, the likelihood of a small penis size is quite high.

It can be said, and vice versa, if at puberty the amount of the sex hormone is normal or easily exceeded, it will positively affect the growth and development of the future man's penis.

Many chronic diseases and endocrine disorders, by affecting some body systems, can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels, so it is important to timely treat all pathologies.

Are There Safe Ways To Enlarge For Teens?

Exercise contributes to a teenager's penis enlargement

It is a proven fact that the quality of nutrition has an indirect influence on the development of the genital organ. Food is the "building material" for human growth and development, and when elements are missing, development has a negative effect.

An active lifestyle is also important, as a negative relationship between weight and penis size has already been proven. In the case of overweight representatives of the stronger sex, the penis is always visually smaller than it actually is. Based on this information, a teen's penis can be enlarged in two ways:

  1. Optimal physical activity.
  2. Correct and balanced diet.

Exercise has a positive effect not only on the growth of the penis, but also on the entire body. Doctors recommend swimming (develops all muscle groups), cycling, jogging, and other sports that you enjoy. A teenager can be enrolled in various sections where not only will he practice, but also gain confidence and forget the thought of a small penis.

In the case of food, it has long been known that fatty and unhealthy foods have a negative effect on the human body. In order to enlarge the penis, it is necessary to add the following foods to the diet:

  • Lean red meat.
  • Dairy products.
  • Red fish, seafood.
  • Eggs, caviar.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits.

It is important to reduce your consumption of table salt, sweets, carbonated beverages, junk food chips, crackers, etc. , with preference given to foods rich in protein, as well as foods rich in fiber, beneficial microelements and substances.

It is also worth noting that smoking a teenager negatively affects penis growth. Nicotine and tar entering the body adversely affect blood vessels, causing them to lose their natural elasticity and strength, which in turn negatively affects blood circulation in the body, including blood circulation in the organs.

Summing up all the information, it is important to know how large the penis should be at a given age in order to timely correct any deviations from the norm. A teenager should remember that he is growing and developing, and with him, the penis gets bigger so that the penis does not need to be enlarged.