Vacuum pump for penis enlargement

When a vacuum pump is used to enlarge the penis, the man hopes for a large increase and improvement in erection.

A similar result can be achieved, but one should not believe in "fairy tales". The actual extension of the penis does not exceed 4 cm, in which case the device can harm the body.

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement

Use of the device for the body

A male pump is a device that can be used for multiple purposes at the same time.

The device is easy to use, while using it you can:

  • make a small penis bigger;
  • increase the volume of the organ;
  • impair its functionality.

As a rule, the device is used for several purposes at the same time. Men want to make the phallus thicker, longer and at the same time increase its "performance", i. e. lengthen sexual intercourse.

The pump allows you to act on the intimate organ through a discharged environment and pressure. This increases the blood flow to the tissues, they are filled with oxygen and nutrients.

The blood fills the cavernous and spongy bodies, stretches them, and this is the reason for the growth of the penis.

However, with all the advantages, do not forget that the pump can cause damage to health if used improperly.

Problematic moments

Bruise on the penis after a vacuum pump

Before ordering the device and starting to use it, it is necessary to clarify the algorithm of action, as well as contraindications and possible problems that a man may face.

When not to use a vacuum pump:

  • there are various injuries (traumatic and other) on the skin of the genital organ;
  • there are vascular diseases, hypertension, some hematological diseases;
  • a history of mental disorders and signs of emotional instability.

If bruises or bruises appear on the skin of the penis after using the pump, it is better to postpone the next "workout" for several days. The wounds and injuries should go away.

Excessive dryness of the penis, skin sensitivity - all these can be perceived as contraindications to the use of the device. But the situation can be remedied through the use of moisturizers and emollients.

How to use the device correctly:

  • steam up the penis by taking a hot bath;
  • when using the penis enlargement device;
  • then soften the skin with a suitable agent.

The average training time is 5 minutes. When the pump is manual, the pressure is regulated independently. When it comes to an electronic device, there is no need to control the process.

If exercises with a vacuum pump resulted in bruises or bruises appearing on the skin of the PS, then the pressure is too strong and should be reduced. Otherwise, microtraumas cannot be avoided.

What pumps are there

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement

Before buying a device, you should familiarize yourself with the models. Pumps are nominal:

  • Manual. These pumps are not complex, are inexpensive and are sold in pharmacies and specialist shops.
  • Electronically. An expensive version of the device that will help reduce the risk of damage. Does not require pressure control, easy to use.

When choosing a pump, it is necessary to assess the possible risks and make a choice. If the financial side is seen as the key component, then it is better to buy a handheld device.

But there is no need to buy a pump, some men can manage on their own and make a device out of junk. Such an alternative can save you money and prove your skills.

Do it yourself

Manufacture of a vacuum pump for penis enlargement

How to make a vacuum pump with your own hands and what is needed for it:

  1. You should find a suitable bottle. It should be slightly larger than the length and width of the penis. The container will come into contact with the skin in the intimate area, so it should have rounded and not sharp edges. Otherwise, there is a high possibility of injury and damage.
  2. It is desirable that the container has a lid, you need to drill a hole in it and attach a rubber or plastic hose to it. Treat the room with a special heat-resistant glue to prevent the ingress of air masses and a drop in pressure. Remember to check the tightness of the structure before reapplying the glue.
  3. Take a pear out of the tonometer, that's enough. Attach it to a plastic or rubber hose. Check the functionality of the structure and fix the light bulb with rubber glue.
  4. Let the device sit for a while and dry it for about a day, then try it out at the "store". If the structure does not fall apart, then you can operate it without special fear. A self-made pump cannot do any harm to health.

How to build a vacuum pump if the tonometer does not contain a pear:

  • Use a syringe instead, the usual 50 cubes will do;
  • the syringe is connected to a rubber or plastic hose and air is pumped with it;
  • such a mechanism is not very practical, but very functional.

How to care for a homemade pump

homemade pump for penis enlargement

A homemade penis pump requires special care. It must be processed regularly, this must be done with the help of antiseptic solutions.

If there are no similar ones "on hand", use normal soap or a weak water solution with vinegar.

Processing rules:

  1. Place the pump in a container with water or an antiseptic solution.
  2. Rinse with a sponge or brush, then repeat under running water.
  3. Repeat the process if necessary.
  4. Place the napkin on top and place the device on it so that the water can drain onto the napkin.

The main thing is to choose the correct size bottle, otherwise after the "exercise" the penis will get stuck in the container and it will be impossible to remove it. This uncomfortable situation leads to organ injuries.

Petroleum jelly oil helps prevent damage. Apply it to the edges of the bottle before using the pump. It is advisable to combine such procedures with the use of lubricants that increase blood flow in the phallus. In this way you will achieve the desired result faster.


The desire to make an organ haunts a man more often throughout his sexual life. Various devices, including a vacuum pump, can influence the parameters of the inverter.